with nursing and healthcare jobs through Tee Plus Care Recruitment. 

We're a professional specialist recruitment agency for the private and public sectors. 

Whether you're looking for the next step in your healthcare career, or need the right person to fill your vacancy, we are here to facilitate connections. 
We connect high calibre candidates with the right roles and have affordable recruitment fees. 

Why Tee Plus Care? 

With years of experience, we know the challenges that employers face when finding the ideal candidate. We also know the challenges faced when looking for suitable employment. 
As a leading nursing and healthcare recruitment agency, we aim to clear those roadblocks. Our vetting process ensures that all clients are fully qualified and have the required specialist skills. We streamline the hiring process, clearing the way for the perfect fit. 

  What roles are available? 

Our recruitment services cover an extensive variety of nursing and healthcare jobs including 1-2-1 support care workers, midwives and staff for hospitals, theatres. We can help to connect candidates and vacancies for A&E, intensive care units and mental health facilities. 
Choose Tee Plus Care for employment on a temporary, permanent or contract basis, wide a wide range of job opportunities. 
Whether you're taking the first steps into your new healthcare career, or come to us with decades of experience, we can help you to find the right role and go through the application process. 

Why work with Tee Plus Care for recruitment? 

If you have a vacancy, you'll need it filled with the perfect candidate. By working with Tee Plus Care, you're ensuring that you only get the very best applicants. We sift through CVs and applications, to ensure that you'll only hear from suitably qualified people. 
Enjoy a hiring process that is managed on your behalf, until you're ready to start running interviews. 
We work with the private and public sector, finding the right professionals for all nursing and healthcare roles. Shortlisted applicants will then be passed to you, for the next step in your hiring process. Time is precious. Choosing Tee Plus Care Recruitment saves time at an affordable price. 

Start your journey now. 

Contact Tee Plus Care Recruitment to discuss your needs, as a candidate or an employer. We bridge the gap between vacant positions and the people that fill them. Tee Plus Care creates smiles all round with high calibre candidates and healthcare employers, working together to serve and care. 
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